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Louie Rochon, November Artist of the Month! Louie’s selections may be viewed at WICA Whidbey Island Center for the Arts during the month of November — beginning Saturday, November 3rd, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the Langley ArtWalk!

Louie Rochon 'was' best known, for many years, as a prolific sensual macro photographer for his work 'of all things flowers,' until he discovered his true passion for acrylic abstract painting at age 62. "I've been searching my entire life, painting watercolor, sculpting, and fine art photography and almost given up, but finally found the true love of my life - acrylic painting," He has said. "I've never been able to find a medium that can keep up with the depth and rapid cycling of my emotions, moods and my Bipolar and OCD challenges.

“I paint on the floor, on vast sheets of white canvas, music blaring, on my hands and knees, wet and fast and honest, for days at a time - and it ends as sudden as it starts, always taking me by surprise. It's a deeply emotional 'trance-dance' of sorts and when the music stops, I'm utterly and completely spent - I ‘AM’ within my painting.

His work ranges from abstract to expressionist to impressionist to, well, definitely his own unique style - bold vivid color and loose flowing line work that conveys a sense of joy, hope and deep appreciation for nature.

Why the title, ‘defying the status quo’? Rochon adds, “I pretty much paint what I want, how I want based upon how I feel inside and about things I see around me.

I love trying new techniques and will switch things up, frequently.

Rules are meant to be broken! Career suicide to be inconsistent, probably, but I don’t give a damn. I have to be honest with myself, otherwise my work would be crap and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. There are far more important things than selling paintings, like being able to create, simply for the love of creating.

Louie’s work can be seen at his Clinton studio/gallery

By appointment. To text 360 982-8170

or uswalker3@hotmail.com

Rochon Fine Art, 4777 Commercial St., Clinton WA 98236


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