Comforts of Whidbey Winery B&B

Carl and Rita Comfort own and operate Comforts of Whidbey in Langley

Carl and Rita Comfort own and operate Comforts of Whidbey in Langley

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Carl and Rita Comfort own and operate Comforts of Whidbey in Langley. A three-story business, styled with steel beams and timber, opened about three years ago, it plays host to a B&B, tasting room and cellar, all under the same roof.

The top floor with its six rooms promises a relaxing stay, with views of Possession Sound instead of TVs. The clutter-free rooms are finished in simple Northwest style, with natural-edge wooden headboards and handmade quilts.

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When the tasting room isn’t pouring wines made from the Comforts’ German-French grapes, it hosts breakfast for guests. Rita cooks with eggs from her 80 chickens, fruit from her orchard and vegetables from her garden. In season, the garden also fills with dahlias, which are picked for special events.

From the tasting room, which comfortably hosts parties of 100, visitors can wander onto an expansive covered deck for the view, perhaps best taken in with a glass of wine. Stairs lead down to two massive oak doors, complete with artisan iron handles, that conceal the wine cellar.

A cool and tidy cellar under the expansive new building is packed with steel drums and wooden barrels, the unmistakable smell of sweet oak and fermenting grapes fills the air like perfume. With arched doorways, painted walls and concrete floors, the space is a mixture of craftsmanship and industry.

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The estate has outgrown the vision the Comforts had when they purchased the 22-acre farm more than a decade ago.

The couple met in the Army, married in Turkey and eventually settled in Australia for 16 years. Just as their two children were approaching middle school, they knew the window on returning stateside was closing. The fear, Carl confessed, was that their kids might fall in love with their high school sweethearts in Australia and stay forever.

Carl hails from Whidbey, and the couple purchased land on the island with plans for a house. However, an ad for a boat they didn’t buy led them to the farm that would become their home.

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“Article modified and posted on with permission from original author Celeste Gracey, The Herald and South Whidbey Record, April 23, 2019.

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