Oh what a Grace is this, by Emily Dickinson

Oh what a Grace is this,
What Majesties of Peace,
That having breathed
The fine -- ensuing Right
Without Diminuet Proceed!


The word “Grace” is often associated with God (deity) and Catholicism “By the grace of God”, or a living leader such as the Pope “his grace”, or “his eminence”.

Grace to me is a state of being.  A person can exude grace, gracefulness, elegance of style or be graceful in movement and agility.

To have grace is to be open and caring, compassionate, even empathetic, holding space for a person to share their deepest thoughts and feelings while you simply and actively listen.

Grace is a spirit that lives within us, but to have grace or to show grace is something unexpected, not something that we intend, the source of which is derived from a place of love. To experience grace is to “let go” of judgement, fear, and anxiety, to be effortless and present in the moment and to love and be loved unconditionally. 

Whenever we see grace in others, we identify the love and compassion they hold and we are drawn to their spirit.