Ramblings by Rose - Summer



My name isn't really Rose, the rambling part is true though.  Having gardened for 65 years I've learned that whatever the tag on the plant says there are always exceptions. A sunny location on Whidbey is not the same as sunny in Bellevue or Federal Way.  Whidbey has its own micro climates, soil conditions, wind and rain patterns. When browsing at local nurseries, which I highly recommend, I often chat with fellow gardeners. We are the serious ones with stained pants, work boots, funny hats and gloves tucked in back pockets.  We are often mistaken for employees and asked questions.

Anyway, when a newbie to the island asks about a certain plant I start with the 3 W's.  Where do you live, sun or shade? What soil type? And why?  Why sounds strange but think about it. Why, are you creating or recreating a garden. Perhaps a photo or plan from a favorite catalog or magazine, or a vacation spot memory.  Why you pick a theme determines what you can plant.  As an example, wanting roses in deep forest shade won't work but a bed of ferns and hostas would. My point is there is much more to gardening than buying a plant digging a hole feeding and watering it. Plants need the right environment to thrive. They need nice companion plants too, which is another subject.   Cheers!