Salty Acres Farm

Salty Acres, specializes in locally grown flowers, small batch sea salt, foraged ocean greens, & specialty produce. June-October you can find us at our permanent farm stand, & on Saturday mornings at the Coupeville farmer's market. You can also find us at our community greenhouse on the historic Green Bank farm campus.

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We are run by 3 generations on Whidbey Island Washington

Together we are Paul, Kim, Tonneli, John, & little Sauvie:
Our story begins like so many Whidbey: Originally brought to the island by Navy, Tonneli & John thought their farming roots were somewhere in the past when the opportunity of a lifetime appeared: a new start at a historic farm on Penn Cove.  It didn't take long before the magic of this place got to them, & thoughts of Whidbey being just another Navy station faded.
Around this same time Kim & Paul were facing another story all too common for farmers.  Rising property costs & rapid urbanization were forcing farmers {themselves included} away from the Willamette valley where they had farmed for generations. Seeing this shift Tonneli & John urged their family to visit the island.  "Imagine a place where you can farm & the community supports you, you have to see this" said Tonneli to Kim. 

For Paul who  learned to farm from his father who immigrated to Oregon's Sauvie’s Island to work the land it was no easy thought to move roots. Upon arriving on Penn Cove it only took a single sunrise over the water to convince them, this was home & a new collective calling for  the whole family.

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1764 Penn Cove Road Oak Harbor WA United States 98277

(503) 997-0714

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