My journey as a bodyworker began with a severe case of sciatica that developed when I was training in Japan in a Zen Buddhist Monastery. A Hellerworker was able to relieve me not only of the pain I experienced in my hip and leg, but also resolved the postural issues that were responsible for creating the condition to begin with. No matter how hard I tried to stand up straight or sit upright without hunching forward, I was just unable to. I felt pulled down; I felt heavy. After Hellerwork, keeping my body erect was effortless. I felt lifted. I noticed that my heart felt lifted too. There was a sense of “up, up, up….” I understood the statement, “There is no psychology; only physiology.” 

I trained with Dan Bienenfeld in California, and Joseph Heller and Donna Bajelis in Washington. I graduated from the Institute for Structural Medicine in 2001 as a Certified Hellerwork Practioner.

I have worked in a chronic pain clinic since 2002 and have treated over a thousand people for a variety of chronic and acute conditions. My main interest however, lies in Wellness. I seek to not just help people recover from injuries and conditions, but to help them achieve their loftier goals.

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William Shinsan Griswold

William Shinsan Griswold

Shinsan is a Hellerwork Practioner on Whidbey Island at Eli Bentabou Chiropractic in Freeland. He can be reached at 360.770.9471 or griswilliam@gmail.com