Deb Helfrich - The Art and Science of Tuning the Human Biofield

As we tune within during the shortest and most festive days of the year, I wish you the inner peace and wisdom to be entirely present to the bounty of love, awe, and abundance that comes from focusing on our most precious relationships.

After these days of joyful celebration, our thoughts turn to how to live our best lives in the upcoming year. For me, this includes offering a chance for my Whidbey neighbors to experience the Biofield Tuning modality of using tuning forks in the biofield around our bodies. This practice has helped me through the difficult journey of recovering from a mold exposure and the intense symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity that has been running my life for the last few years.

I turned to tuning forks in order to have a way to use sound to provide a coherent, DIY antidote for the times when my sense of smell was overwhelming my rational brain, and causing days of toxic reactions that made it quite challenging to participate in life fully.

I started this process just to have a way of stimulating my sense of hearing in a positive way to override the hijacking happening through my sense of smell.

What I found as I dove into researching the properties of sound, or more specifically frequency, is that our whole organism is vibrating. From each individual cell, up through all of our organs and bodily systems, it has been discovered that healthy, living molecules operate on certain frequencies - some audible, others outside the range of what we can hear.

The science is becoming crystal clear:

“The concept of biofield regulation offers a shift from a mechanical, chemistry-based view of biology to an information-based view. Unlike machines, living organisms have an immense network of internal and external interconnections across which information flows to modulate life functions. The continuous exchange of information in living systems to maintain their integrity is astounding. Furthermore, new relationships along with new information exchanges emerge at higher levels of organization in life, forming new wholes. The biofield may be considered one such multilevel organizational concept in which information flows within and between the various levels of the organism. A wealth of information exchange, much like a “conversation” between the elements of these various levels of order—the “whispering” between cells and other units of life—is critical to sustaining life and promoting healing. The biofield may be considered to be the language of life.”  ( )

I have been learning a technique called Biofield Tuning that has challenged my brain in exciting & impactful ways, as I've experienced both that someone can manipulate my biofield and that from my first practice sessions, that I can do the same for other people. I can feel a change in vibration in the tuning fork as it moves into an area of the biofield that is not flowing freely and often I get an intuitive hit as to the when & what. It is quite fascinating stuff to realize the NIH has been investigating these concepts since it coined the term biofield in 1992. And of course, cutting edge physics and physiology both show that the particle domain of the world is the most inefficient method of communication.

One of the weighted forks used on the body to feel the soothing vibration of a coherent frequency,

One of the weighted forks used on the body to feel the soothing vibration of a coherent frequency,

Happy Holidays to All!

And please reach out to me if you would like to experience a Biofield Tuning session or get involved in supporting my Sound Healing documentary project.

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