Autumn is a special time of year.  For me, it’s a season of change, transition, and new beginnings.  Fall rejuvenates me, inspires the start of new projects or creative endeavors I have likely placed on the back burner during the summer hiatus.   Now, I am inclined to clean out a drawer or two, pack or place summer wear to the back of my closet, making way for new items of clothing; plaids and flannels and fleece, boots and hoodies and sweaters and jeans.

I love being outdoors especially during Autumn.  This is a time for harvesting the perfectly ripened apples from the small orchard in my back yard, doing the pruning and cleanup in preparation for the long winter months ahead… Just sprucing up the place for its natural dormancy to occur.  

The air is crisp and cleansing, the nights are cooler, inducing better sleep.  Harvest time approaches with abundance.  The words plentiful and gratitude come to mind when I think of this season – in the bounty of food provided through human toil and persistence, granted by earth’s willingness to produce.  Gratitude for all things good and plentiful.

Indoor activities become more enjoyable when the weather is blustery and cool. A time to gather with friends and family over hot soups, stews, and other warm, comfort foods pared with robust wines and hot toddies are some of my favorite indoor activities. The very act of sitting next to the fireplace, the smell of wood burning, watching the flickering flames with hot cocoa or a glass of wine in one hand, a good book in the other, is not only relaxing, but very therapeutic and essential for self-care.

Take in a movie at the local theater, attend an art exhibit, visit a winery, a brewpub, or go to a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. This is the season to savor your surroundings inside the comfort of your own home and community. This is a time for football, tailgating, the World Series of baseball, pumpkin spice (yes, I said it!), and renewing friendships.

What’s happening outside? The leaves on the trees are changing colors from green to vivid yellows, oranges and reds while the tips of evergreens grow brown. As the leaves begin to fall and the trees are thinning, we witness the transition of life into slumber. This is the beginning of hibernation for some animals while migratory birds take flight to warmer, winter homes. This is true of humans as well for we are driven by the instinctual need to hunker down or fly south for the winter.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the moon! This year on Monday, September 24th, the full moon arrives at10:52 p.m. EST! It is especially important to note that since the full moon occurs nearest to the fall equinox, it is also known as the Harvest Moon.

So whether it’s back to school time for you or just symbolic of some new beginning, stop for a moment and delight in the unfolding of your senses in this most sensual of seasons and relax in the comfort it can bring.

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